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Secure payment

All sensitive data is sent via a secure connection, thanks to the SSL certificate installed on this site. Therefore, personal data, including payment data, is secure. This is also why we recommend to equip the e-commerce sites with an SSL certificate: to offer its customers greater security on their site, increasing its reliability and consequently also the orders.

PayPal, Credit or debit card

Payment is made securely through the PayPal payment form, through which you can also pay by credit or debit card, even without the need to register or register.

PayPal is currently the safest and most used online payment method, thanks to its consumer protection policy.

Wire transfer

Alternatively, you can pay by bank transfer. If you choose this type of payment, our bank details will be communicated by email, after confirming the order.

To speed up the activation times, we invite you to send us the statement of the transfer.